Launches "White Glove" Service For Candidates

  • Launches "White Glove" service for candidates has developed a new, effective marketing tool for candidates seeking employment in the golf industry. Our "White Glove" service guarantees maximum and timely exposure to hiring managers.

    No other recruiting source has the technology and marketing prowess to get your resume in front of leading golf companies as quickly and effectively as's "White Glove" service.

    Here's how it works. We "Feature" your resume along with your picture and "blast" it to thousands to golf company owners, executives, managers and human resource personel. This process insures:

    * Speed - a quick foot in the door with hiring managers.

    * Timing - reach decision makers before they advertise a job.

    * Exclusivity - your resume won't get lost in a company or job board databases. You and you alone will be featured.

    * Maximum Exposure - this service is free for employers. No reason for them NOT to review your credentials. They contact you directly.

    * Tailored Service - you give us your desired golf job and we'll "blast" your resume to qualified decision makers within that particular segment OR target a specific group of golf companies on your behalf.

    This service applies to anyone seeking employment within the golf industry. And for a limited time, get the "White Glove" treatment at a discounted rate.
    White Glove Service

    1 "Blast" to our database/databases of qualified decision makers. Picture/Video included with resume.

    Our Price: One-time Fee $199.00/blast

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    Again, for a limited time only, let give you the "White Glove" treatment at a discount. To take advantage of this promotion, respond to this message or contact us toll-free at 866-446-5378.